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Review: King Neptune’s Online Casino

King Nepunes Casino

King Neptune’s Online Casino offers an incredibly distinctive casino gaming experience online through their nautically themed casino. As soon as you reach the online casino’s website, you are immersed in the stunning graphics, as if the very mermaids that you see were drawing you into an otherworldly experience. Playing casino games in this casino is also an otherworldly experience, particularly if you hit one of the massive Progressive Slots jackpots in the casino itself! The casino offers a number of enjoyable perks and benefits for playing casino games with them, above the soothing ocean experience which greets you and carries you through your gaming experience.

King Neptune’s Casino Bonuses

The King of the Sea that looks over this online casino wants to make sure that all players get a great start to their online casino gaming experience, so he’s decreed that all players in the King Neptune Online Casino start their undersea casino adventure off with a 100% matching bonus of $, £, € or CA$100 Free! This means that if you thought you were going to start playing with $, £, €, CA$100 or less, then you actually get double that once you’ve made your first deposit at the online casino. This generosity must be funded by Neptune’s own seabed treasure chest, because not many other casinos can afford to be this generous!

With these super generous casino bonuses, players have the opportunity to play their favourite online casino games for a far longer period as they have so much more credit than they did previously. This gives new players the chance to play many more new casino games so they have time to find games that they really enjoy playing. It also means that players have a far greater chance to win one of the massive online jackpots since they are able to continue to play for a longer period. It’s not only new arrivals that get to see the generosity of King Neptune’s Online Casino, as those players who are loyal to the casino and play there regularly have the chance to win other great prizes, such as free spins and credits. The more these loyal casino patrons play, the greater the chances are that they can receive one of these players to increase the time they can spend ‘under the sea’ playing online casino games.

King Neptune’s Casino Games

If the King of the Sea is going to play online casino games, which he clearly enjoys, surely players can be sure that he’s going to choose only the very best of those games for the online casino that bears his name? It’s something that players can rely on as the actual casino software that King Neptune Online Casino runs on was created by Microgaming. Microgaming is one of the most prestigious and respected brands in online casino gaming, for good reason! It provides reassurance for players that they can have a fun experience in an online casino that it is well established and supported.

Slots Games

The other huge benefit of having Microgaming powering the King Neptune Online Casino is that they offer a phenomenal quantity of different online casino games for players to enjoy at all times. This means that players can move from the fun undersea experience of the King Neptune website and the lobby of the casino game software they can visit so many different worlds in their online casino games. Players can travel to the cold, but fascinating world of Norse Mythology with Thor in Thunderstruck & Thunderstruck 2 , or they can venture into the dark and brooding world of the vampires, like those from Twilight, when they play Immortal Romance. If you’re really loving the undersea world that you’re in with the casino, you can choose to stay in it by playing Mermaids Millions instead!

King Neptune’s Casino Jackpots

We already know how generous King Neptune has been to players at his online casino, but that was just bonuses. When you look at the incredibly generous nature of the different casino game jackpots that are available in the casino, they will blow you away! There are a number of different jackpots available in Blackjack, Roulette, Online Video Poker as well as Online Slots. For instance, if you were to hit a royal flush in an online video poker game at King Neptune Online Casino, you can get something like 20,000 coins in return for yours, plus there’s a bonus on top of that if you were betting the maximum in the game already!

Every online slots game has a very generous jackpot to aim for, but there are a number of Progressive Slots jackpots that are often into the 7 figures, and which any player of the game has the chance to win. These jackpots are available on games like Mega Moolah and Batman:The Dark Knight and they’re big enough that they’d dwarf even King Neptune’s treasure chest if you won them!

King Neptune’s Online Casino offers a fantastic experience, because every time you play an online casino, you’re not only having loads of fun in the water, there’s a chance that you could walk away a big winner!